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Hotel Restauracja Śnieżka **
ul.Lewakowskiego 22
38-400 Krosno
tel/fax. + 48 13 43 234 49
tel + 48 13 42 003 06
kom. +48 515 012 070
e-mail: recepcja@hotelsniezka.pl



Ośrodek Szkolenia Kierowców

Śnieżka restaurant
Our hotel offers You dishes on the highest level served in the restaurant. An interesting menu is a beginning of  inspiring culinary journeys. The idea of menu is: tasty, healthily and with the invention. Our cooks are caring so that dishes are always fresh and tasty.
To delight the palate of our guests is our speciality.
Cosy interior, music in the background, the nice service and tasty dishes bring about that every meal will be a feast for the body and the soul.
Opening hours:
7 – 9.30 am  breakfasts
12 – 22  pm  main dishes
Menu offers:
  • delicious soups
  • meat dishes
  • fish dishes
  • vegetarian dishes
  • snacks
  • salads
  • healthy menu for children
  • cakes, desserts
  • tea, coffee
  • alcohol drinks
Specially for our guests every day a ‘plate du jour’ (set lunch) is prepared in the popular price enjoying the great interest of guests.